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Manual Therapy

Manual Therapy: Move Freely Again

Working with a wide range of injuries and conditions, such as acute pain, arthritis, tendonitis, whiplash injuries and plantar fasciitis, just to name a few, Physio-Care Services Therapists can offer their manual therapy skills to enhance client treatment.

What is Manual Therapy?

Manual therapy entails a hands-on approach towards the treatment of injuries or conditions. It focuses on the mobilization of specific joints, muscles, ligaments, connective tissue or neural tissue to increase the range of movement and/or decrease pain. Techniques such as Myofascial Release can also be used as a gentle method to release muscular shortness and tightness. We use it to address a wide variety of conditions and as part of treatment programs where flexibility and function have been reduced. The goal is to stretch and loosen the fascia so that it and other structures may move freely again, restoring motion, promoting blood flow and alleviating pain. Therapists may also incorporate some aspects of Cranio-Sacral Therapy within their work with a client (gentle, non-invasive hands-on treatment of the spine and skull).